Welcome to the Fannie E. Bartlett Historical Center which is home to The Bartlett House, the Olean Historical and Preservation Society, and the Olean Point Museum.

Take a tour back into Olean's history as we view this grand 12 room house, explore the digital archive, and tour the museum. 

The Olean Historical and Preservation Society digital archive allows you to view individual photographs or documents by clicking on Browse Items; items grouped by historical theme by clicking on Browse Collections; or be taken on a guided tour by clicking on Browse Exhibits. 

New photographs, documents, collections, and exhibits from the collection of the Olean Historical and Preservation Society are always being added.

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Recently Added Items

The home at 202 S Union was purchased by St. Mary's and may someday become the rectory.

Newspaper article describing Msgr. Rengel's accident and injuries.